The Original Goddess Collective

It took a long time (many years) to decide on how I wanted to offer these sessions to my clientele.  You see I had a vision for a ‘boudoir’ style that wasn’t like everyone else’s, and I was never in love with the common boudoir style.  Not to mention the term boudoir never ever sat right with me.  The term Glamour was a runner up for my style in the Goddess Collective but again it just didn’t hold that true divine power in the word itself.  Divinity holds a class full power to it and that’s how I wanted all the women I work with to feel, like the true Goddess they are.  Goddess, yes that one sang to my heart and the style I had finally achieved for these empowering sessions, and so the Goddess Collective was FINALLY born.

I’m passionate about inspiring women to love themselves and help them find their inner Goddess.  I strive to make timeless images that EMPOWER you.  I often get asked ‘But Andrea I’m not a model.  Aren’t all these women models?’  The truth is, No!   The women I work with are every day women, like myself.  They were brave and put their trust into me to create something timeless divine and powerful.

So whether you’re expecting, or just want to feel that inner goddess express herself I’m excited to help you capture that empowering beauty.

Empowering ALL Women



AdaLilly Photography