Treat Your Inner Goddess…She Deserves It.

The Original Goddess Collective

It took a long time (many years) to decide on how I wanted to offer these sessions to my clientele.  You see I had a vision for a ‘boudoir’ style that wasn’t like everyone else’s, and I was never in love with the common boudoir style.  Not to mention the term boudoir never ever sat right with me.  The term Glamour was a runner up for my style in the Goddess Collective but again it just didn’t hold that true divine power in the word itself.  Divinity holds a class full power to it and that’s how I wanted all the women I work with to feel, like the true Goddess they are.  Goddess, yes that one sang to my heart and the style I had finally achieved for these empowering sessions, and so the Goddess Collective was FINALLY born.

I’m passionate about inspiring women to love themselves and help them find their inner Goddess.  I strive to make timeless images that EMPOWER you.  I often get asked ‘But Andrea I’m not a model.  Aren’t all these women models?’  The truth is, No!   The women I work with are every day women, like myself.  They were brave and put their trust into me to create something timeless divine and powerful.

So whether you’re expecting, or just want to feel that inner goddess express herself I’m excited to help you capture that empowering beauty.

Empowering ALL Women



AdaLilly Photography


I am an accredited professional photographer and qualified member of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC)


What is the PPOC?

The PPOC is a distinguished organization dedicated to the highest standard in professional imaging in Canada.


What is an Accredited Photographer?

Accreditation demonstrates that a photographer has proven professional ability to the Board of Examiners of the PPOC.

Accreditation is the first elevation above the general membership level, and is achieved by submitting 10 samples of the applicant’s photography to a PPOC Board of Review for Accreditation.  Accreditation demonstrates that the photographer is capable of delivering above average quality photography in a chosen category.  In assessing Accreditation Submissions, the judges will consider the following criteria: Impact, Creativity, Style, Composition, Presentation, Color Balance, Centre of Interest, Lighting, Subject Matter, Image file quality, Technique and Story Telling.


Why hire an accredited photographer?

In short, as a specialist in their chosen field a PPOC Accredited Professional Photographer has the proven

  • Confidence
  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Equipment

to provide you with quality product in their area of expertise.  PPOC’s process of accreditation recognizes those who have reached a nationally accepted level of proficiency and knowledge in photographic arts and is able to demonstrate their capability of delivering image excellence in a chosen field setting them apart as industry leaders.  Those who have earned accreditation have successfully completed the highest requirements from a panel of qualified judges across Canada.



AdaLilly Photography

Accredited in High Key Portrait genre




4 Reasons I stopped posing newborns…

At one point I had two posing bags (one for the studio & one for travel), an over abundance of props, little hats, headbands and all the accessories you can think of for my newborn shoots.  I practiced often and even when I wasn’t shooting an actual newborn I’d grab my girls dolls or stuffies and practice some more just to get it right.  But, I wasn’t ever ‘In Love’ with it.  It didn’t ever feel like my style and never aligned with my ‘why’ or my overall values as a person.  So I decided to follow my heart and switch to Baby Led Posing.


‘Baby Led Posing’


You’re likely asking yourself ‘what is baby led posing?’, well its everything it sounds like.  I won’t ever put baby in any unnatural pose.  I don’t spend countless hours calming or posing my babies, ultimately I don’t pose them really at all.  Yes they get ‘placed’ for portraits, however I no longer pose in the way many traditional newborn photographers do.


4 Reasons I No Longer Pose Newborns


First:  I’m a firm believer that newborns should remain in their parents arms as much as possible.  I don’t have much of the medical expertise in newborns, but I have ‘being a mom’ experience and I can honestly say newborns need to be held, nurtured, and essentially with their parents and in their parents arms as much as possible.

Second:  Newborns, they’re beautiful just as they are.  The way they naturally unfold their arms when they stretch or the way they tuck their legs when they’re curling up on their belly for a moment.  Or how about the cozy way they look when simply swaddled.  These natural and simple  aspects are the most beautiful things about these little ones.  This is how I wanted to remember my babies and so I choose to capture my clients babies as such.

Third:  Honestly, I don’t think that unnatural posing is the safest for these little ones.  If a baby has to be molded into a position that isn’t natural, it stands to reason their safety is potentially at risk.  To me this isn’t worth it in the name of a ‘pretty’ image.

Fourth:  I know what it’s like to have a newborn(s), you’re already dealing with the stresses of a new baby, your photo sessions shouldn’t add any additional stress.  Posing babies can take hours upon hours (I’m talking up to 3-4hrs) trying to get them calm enough to sleep and and get the poses ‘just right’.  I want the families I work with to know that how perfect they think their babies are I agree with them 1000%.  Be it wide awake, or sound asleep.  I have no expectations and always follow baby’s lead.  Be it in studio or in and out of clients homes, I don’t want to impose on their precious time any longer than necessary.

Babies Are PERFECT!


That’s it that’s all!  My 4 reasons I no longer pose newborns.  It’s because I believe they’re undoubtedly perfect!




AdaLilly Photography


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Our favourite major 5 points for hiring a professional photographer.

  1. Experience
  2. The right gear
  3. Its about more than just the photos
  4. We know what works
  5. We have a trained eye

Some pictures just can’t be redone, so using a professional photographer is more than just a great way to preserve important memories, its about the experience.

Thanks for stopping by!


ALP Studio

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Mini Sessions, what are they and why are they different from a regular session?

These Sessions are NOT:

  • my regular photo session offered at a discount.
  • insanely good deals offered to anyone who wants them at any time.
  • customizable like a full session

They ARE:

  • Exactly as they sound, a mini session.
  • They consist of a shorter time frame (15 mins vs 1-2hrs)
  • They consist of a lower number of images than a regular session
  • While less expensive than a regular session they are a ‘pop-up’ flash like seasonal sale.
  • They are only offered on specific dates & times of the year
  • They are planned a year in advance
  • They are specific
  • They are a little taste of my style and service for those who’ve never worked with me before

Regardless of what session you choose, I can’t wait to meet and work with you!


AdaLilly Photography


Thank you for supporting our little local business!

***TIP TUESDAY #13***

Winter’s cold, sure, but it makes for some seriously stunning photographs. Snowflakes, snowmen, white canvases, glittering icy trees? It’s a photographer’s veritable wonderland! Here’s how to dress to take advantage of that winter wonderland.

  • There’s bound to be lots of white, so choosing pastel colours will bring a soft cool tone to your images. Think warm with cream tones and muted mocha’s to add some warmth.  (Check out our favourite winter colour pallet below)
  • On that same note, don’t hesitate to play with chunky cable knits to make a bolder statement and add more texture.
  • Really bundle up and play up the winter factor. We love seeing fur-lined boots or hats, oversized chunky scarves, adorable gloves, etc.

Do wear a couple layers underneath to ensure you stay warm. Double up on those socks and throw on some long johns, if you must!

AdaLilly Photography

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In a world where mental health is prevalent but its vocabulary is excruciatingly poor, photography brings us a visually emotional narrative. – Andrea Marsh (AdaLilly Photography) 

I have had a camera in my hand since I can remember, but I truly fell in love snapping shots in high school with my little point, click and hope for the best camera.  Its therapeutic.  It became more than just art but a way of self expression.  A categorized piece of the legacy I will leave.  In choosing this passion I now call my profession, I am leaving behind a powerful language in images that builds a story to bring joy, and will speak to the most generous part of our human nature.  To know that my work will have an involvement in someones wonder and joy, that is why I love this very powerful and complex language.

Thank you for stopping by!


AdaLilly Photography



We’re OVERJOYED and couldn’t wait to share our amazing news with y’all!

This year being an observer member of the Professional Photographers of Canada has taught me so much, so I decided to enter into the Alberta regional image competition.  Competitions are nerve racking as $#!%.  I thought what the heck, just toss your images in and if anything utilize the feedback to keep improving your craft Andrea.

September 12th

Cue nail biting as I sat waiting in anticipation on what the scores would be.  Keep in mind this competition is judged by top photographers not only in the Alberta region but in Canada!  Prestigely awarded photographers.

So what did they say?


E: Excellence  (or if you understand medal placings E = Gold)
M: Merit  (M = Silver)
A: Accepted  (A = Bronze)
NA: Not Accepted (NA = no medal)

MoonDreams | Category: Fine Art | Score: Merit

Elegance | Category: Portrait | Score: Accepted

We can’t thank you enough for supporting our little business and continuing to help us grow in our passion of the art of Photography.  These scores wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our little village of clients, mentors, family & friends.

Who made it possible:

Models:  Nicole Caron (Retired Alberta Ballet Dancer) & ALP Studio’s inspirational resident Adaleyah
HAMU:  Makeup by Miss Lu
Dresses: Couture by Frances Black & Dollcake Vintage
Capture & Composition: AdaLilly Photography (Andrea – both images)

Thank you again,

AdaLilly Photography


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The perfect gift to capture memories to look back on for years to come!

To purchase simply click the image above.

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AdaLilly Photography


Happy Anniversary!


Wow!  Can you believe how much has changed in one year?  I can’t.  I’m reflecting back on this time last year and thinking about how lucky we were to have beautiful weather (it was stifling hot) a gorgeous backdrop, and finally a stunning couple!  So in love!  It was an honour to work with these two beautiful people.  I am so grateful they put their faith in me to capture their memories from their perfect day!

Today we toast to you!  Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary Sandy & Greg!  We hope you both get spoiled!

Love all of us at the ALP Studio


AdaLilly Photography

Thank you for continuing to support our small business!

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